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Support for organisations and workers

We’re operational and providing all services, some in a different way.

Organisations need support and we’re helping the shift in remote working (working from home) with dedicated training programs for team leaders, workstation ergonomics, and health & wellbeing consultancy.

Visiting Us

What to do if you have an appointment with us?

For appointments please call us if:

– you are unwell

– have been in contact with a confirmed coronavirus case

– need to bring someone with you

Entry at our reception can occur after completing the Service NSW COVID Safe Check-in and there may be additional screening requirements.

Us Visiting your workplace

In some cases we will still visit your workplace

The nature of our health services often require assessing workplace demands, a person’s ability to safely perform a task, or the environment of work.  Where this is critical to outcomes we are likely to still attend your workplace.

This includes Workplace Rehabilitation Services, Onsite Programs, and critical risk assessments.

Workers compensation jurisdictions have clarified the expectations and outlined Workplace Rehabilitation services as an essential health service.

We may make decisions to utilise telehealth and videoconferencing where the risk of visiting your workplace may outweigh the benefits and this might include short one-to-one reviews and conferences.

Support for Organisations

Team Leaders have never been more important during this critical time

Giving Team Leaders the right support will see a company culture and performance extend across the remote working and working-from-home environments that many have quickly adopted.

Align is training Team Leaders with a customised program.

Ergonomic Assessment

Videoconferencing ergonomic assessments can make sure your people are safe

A videoconference ergonomic assessment is a multi-step process that includes pre-screening activity, multiple check-ins and confirmation of outcomes.

You don’t need any accounts, and the only hardware is a laptop or pc with a webcam, or just a smart phone.  We’ll send you a secure link to log in with when you’re ready.

We’re here to help. Let’s talk.