Align Work Health - Albury Wodonga
Appointment FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions for Appointments

What do I bring?

1. Your health questionnaire completed – contact us if you don’t have one
2. Photo identification

What do I wear?

1. Closed in shoes – not thongs, sandals or slippers.
2. Loose fitting clothes in preparation to undertake physical activity.
3. A face mask for COVID protection.

Where do I go?

For map and contact details – Contact Page

What happens in the assessment?

An interview, review of questionnaires, health measures that may include blood pressure, heart rate, musculoskeletal exam, manual handling tasks and a submaximal cardiovascular fitness test.

Do I need to undress?

You may be asked to partially undress.

Females can wear a sports bra or tank top under your shirt and you are welcome to bring someone.

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